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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Issue 7... soon...

We'd like to apologise to all our subscribers. We're so, so sorry for being so shamefully late with Issue 7. Anyone who keeps track of this kind of thing will
realise that we are several weeks overdue. Apologies to everyone who sent submissions in too - you've been waiting for an unreasonably long time now.

There's no good excuse for this but I'd like to offer a few excuses in any case.

Dom's been in Oman counting leopards.

Even now, Tim's in the USA investigating the intricate mysteries of the California state education system.

As for me: in January I was training for a half marathon; in February I was getting intensely stressed as my computer died in fits and starts and all my freelance deadlines zoomed past me at warp speed, unfulfilled; in March I was getting very cold doing front of house for a show in a circus tent in a snowy field; finally I felt very tired and collapsed in puddle of influenza B. I didn't have the excuse of being away though.

But now it's April and all across the Cumbrian hillsides those damned daffodils are nodding their heads in crazy unison - yes Issue 7 is on its way, yes Issue 7 is on its way, yes Issue 7 is on its way . No romantic revelations in 2006, just a plant's promise that there will be an Issue 7 soon. And no more excuses.


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